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Connemara Exclusive

Turf Collection

Turf Collection

Turf is quite simply, iconic and essential. The aroma of a turf fire coupled with the true heat of the blaze are sensory delights. Stare into the fire and meditate on the original moving pictures. 

The Home moments Turf candle with vanilla and cedarwood replicates that. Plant the seeded card and enjoy green shoots after it has burned out.

An image as old as water itself- a man "footing" turf in the bog. This happens every summer so the turf can dry after being cut. It is left to get a "skin" on it and then brought home.

E-readers will never replace the magic of books. This bookmark is both beautiful and useful containing a preserved wisp of bog cotton- part of the flora of the home of the sods of turf which fuel our homes and our hearts.

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