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The Sheep & Wool Centre was founded in 1992 by Michael and Kathleen O’Toole with a view to preserving and protecting the traditions and skills of the sheep and wool industry in Connemara. Michael O’Toole had vast experience of the subject over a long career as an agriculturist scientist specialising in sheep. The centre is a family run business managed by Áine O’Toole, Michael and Kathleen’s daughter. The centre was set up to demonstrate the making of quality wool to visitors and locals alike the various stages of the wool handcraft industry as it was practised in the past.

Genuine Natural Sheepskin Rug from Waterford Sheepskins, the only tannery in the country. Unfortunately, a lot of Sheepskins sold in Ireland are imported. These gorgeous soft rugs are from Irish sheep and are 100% made in Ireland. They are a totally natural and non dyed product.

Connemara Wool


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