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At Connemara Wine & Design Co. we elevate your gifting experience with Irish craftsmanship and exclusive South African wines. Our people, landscapes and cultures inspire us. We curate luxury gift sets to enhance every occasion.

Luxury Gift Sets

At Connemara Wine & Design Co. we offer a variety of gift sets, from our three signature sets - the Mountain Range, the Valley Range, and the Seaward Range - to other carefully curated sets. Each gift set is thoughtfully put together, pairing exquisite South African wines with Irish crafts, chosen meticulously to represent the essence of Ireland.

Fusion of Two Worlds

At Connemara Wine & Design Co. the fusion of South African wines and Irish crafts creates a unique narrative. Every winery and bottle carry its own tale, waiting to be discovered. Every craft, lovingly handmade by our exceptionally talented artists and a true representation of the unique essence of Ireland. 

Exclusive South African Wines

At Connemara Wine & Design Co. we have carefully selected our Winefarms...

Kanu Angelina Brut - Gold Flake Edition

There may not be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but Kanu Wines on the outskirts of Stellenbosch has made it possible for everyone to enjoy “gold in a glass” with the introduction of their premium Angelina Gold Cap Classique. What makes this bubbly unique and exceptional is the fact that it contains 24 carats of edible gold flakes, the first for sparkling wine in South Africa, and now exclusive to Connemara Wine & Design Co. The bottle includes an LED light in its punt to help show off it's golden treasures.